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From travel routes to real-time traffic information, ViaMichelin got it all for you.

When it comes to finding the quickest and most efficient route for your trip, ViaMichelin has the perfect solution for you. The ViaMichelin Route Planner includes maps and itineraries, available online and mobile.

Its application and website are available in eight languages. ViaMichelin is the second-most-popular route planner after Google maps, generating about 400 million users every year. This service is available worldwide and continues to dominate its category since ViaMichelin is found in several GPS brands and automotive manufacturers.

Services Offered by ViaMichelin:

Although digital has greatly impacted the way we travel, we can always turn to paper maps. You can download them at the ViaMichelin website. Their maps and itineraries are available in 40 countries and 37 languages.* *All over the world, one map is purchased every six seconds, and ViaMichelin accounts for 75 per cent of this volume.

Why Choose ViaMichelin?

When travelling to a new country, city, or region, it is hard to get to a destination if you don’t know how to get there. You can use a map or travel guides but finding the right information can be exhaustive and takes a lot of time.

ViaMichelin can provide all the information you need, including road numbers. Interchanges, rest stops, indices, city maps, and distances.
Tourists can use the website for its unrivalled details on roads and various tourist attractions like scenic routes, points of interest, and reliable updates. It provides the best services without any hassle.

ViaMichelin provides route planners with the following:

With all these services you can access, travelling with ViaMichelin is very convenient!

ViaMichelin Route Planner for Europe and Worldwide Directions

Use ViaMichelin Route Planner to get the shortest, quickest, or most economical route directions for your chosen destination. You can use it in Europe: from Paris to London, Budapest to Bucharest, or wherever your travel plans are, and all over the world: Europe, Asia, Africa, and the US.

Its route calculation features accommodate four modes of transportation: car, motorcycle, bike, and pedestrian. Choose any of these, and ViaMichelin will provide accurate route computations.

Cars and motorcycle routes are available in the following categories:

Michelin Recommended: This route focuses on the simple, safe, and with the least amount of risk. It is the default route that the app recommends.

Quickest: This route focuses on the least time to reach the destination.

Shortest: This route is about the shortest distance to reach the destination using passable roads.

Discovery: This route caters to tourists as it favours scenic routes and places of interest.

Economic: This route is more focused on fuel efficiency and avoiding toll payments, hence the name.

The ViaMichelin route planner made it easy for the user to make an informed decision. For instance, every calculated route will give two to three choices of itineraries to compare. This way, the users can choose the best route to fit their needs.

ViaMichelin Route Planner

Six Options to Refine Your Route

To add further convenience and efficiency to the route, ViaMichelin offers six options to help refine your route:

Favoured Motorways: You can tick this option if you want to travel on main roads, motorways, and expressways.

Avoid Tolls: Tick this option, and the route will prioritize toll-free roads.

Avoid vignettes: In certain countries like Switzerland, there are some routes where you need to purchase vignettes. Ticking this option will avoid these routes.

Avoid Maritime Connections: Another helpful option that would help avoid any necessary maritime connections on the route like ferries, barges, and many others.

Allow Cross-Country Border Crossings: For itineraries that necessitate crossing borders, this option can calculate routes that include crossing into bordering countries.

Car Caravan: If you are travelling in a caravan, you need to tick this option as it will adjust the travelling cost and the time.

Detailed Journey Cost

For businessmen, this is an important feature. ViaMichelin can provide a Detailed Cost of the Journey when using the car or motorcycle. It will give you information on the fuel cost for the journey. If you enter the car model, it will adjust the cost based on the consumption of the vehicle.

It accurately calculates the fuel cost based on the car details provided in the route options. Entering the make, range, model, year, fuel, and engine type, ViaMichelin can provide a close estimate on the fuel consumption and cost information specific to your vehicle. This calculation is based on the type of roads used for an average drive.

ViaMichelin also provides information on the toll cost, with the breakdown of each toll used in Europe, including Switzerland (vignettes). The information is updated based on the current rate. The toll prices are also adapted to the vehicle type used, whether a car, motorcycle or camper van.

Another helpful feature in ViaMichelin is you can spread the cost of the trip based on the number of people travelling.

To access this information: Simply click on the Detailed Cost Information, located at the bottom of the route summary.

ViaMichelin Apps

You can access the ViaMichelin app via PC or mobile device. The app can be downloaded by Android and iPhone users and has the following features:
With all these features, it is convenient and hassle-free motoring with ViaMichelin.
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