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Maps, routes, mileage, traffic updates and reports

Plan your routes, work out your travel mileage, and get traffic updates and reports on just one site!

That is what RAC Route Planner can do for you. Now, you can easily plan your route, get notifications of traffic issues, and warn you of possible obstruction along the way. Isn’t it great to have a virtual driving companion like that?

RAC Route Planner makes it easier for you. To improve your travel it has a separate section for Traffic News that gives instant updates on traffic issues by location. The separate mileage calculator can help you determine how much the journey would cost. It is particularly helpful in claiming back your business mileage and important information about your CO2 emissions.

RAC Route Planner has these exciting features:

Route Planner for UK, Europe, and Beyond

RAC’s route finder service provides maps and driving directions for the UK, Europe, and beyond. Along with it are useful information for your journey, including hotels around the UK and Europe.

It has an advanced feature that provides fully integrated and customizable real-time traffic updates and a fuel calculator. The route planner section provides city driving maps for London and Europe route directions if you have longer trips abroad.

The map feature has leveled up the functionality of the route planner. It can help you find hotels, car dealerships, and garages by location. It also displays weather information (for the UK only). This will help you to plan your trip based on the driving conditions.

Everything you need is right here at RAC Route Planner.

Other Motoring Services Products

RAC Route Planner is perfect for the other services that its parent company offers. Avail of its other motoring services products, including:

UK: Breakdown Cover, Car Insurance
Europe: European Breakdown Cover, Travel Insurance, Car Hire Excess Insurance

Avail of these products for your peace of mind while driving in the UK and across Europe.

How to Use the RAC Route Planner

The RAC Route Planner is easy to use.

Step 1. On the RAC Route Planner page, you will see the “plan your journey” form.

Step 2. Choose between the car or walking man icon.

Step 3. Enter where you are traveling from and to. You can input the exact address, postcode, or landmark of your destination.

Step 4. Tick on the “Calculate your mileage” box if you want to know how much the fuel cost for your journey will be.

Step 5. Click on the advanced options to refine your route. It features route options (one way or return), alternative routes (show or hide), units, motorways, and toll roads. Here you can choose whether to use or avoid toll roads and motorways for a more customized route plan.

Step 6. Still on the advanced options, tick on the boxes that you need traffic information (UK) like delays, road closures, incidents, etc. Also included are other information like POI (points of interest) like parking and National Trust Places. You can also find services like hotels and weather information options here.

Steps 7. Click on the plan my route button, and the RAC Route Planner can create a route plan for you in minutes.

Step 8. If you have recently used RAC Route Planner and will go back to a destination that is already on the system, simply hover and click over recent journeys and the system will show your previous destinations.

The route planner will show the easy to understand map with your inputs. It will show traffic updates and issues that might impact your journey.

RAC Route Finder

RAC Route Planner on Desktop and Mobile

You can access RAC Route Planner any time. It is available on your desktop and mobile phone browser.

The MyRAC app is available on both Android and iOS. Just tap the app to find an expert when you experience a breakdown, manage your membership, dodge traffic jams using the route planner. It also includes a handy reminder for your car service, MOT test and many more.

You can also plan your journey by giving information on the date, time, and route. It will give you an estimate on how long the journey is, including roadworks and certain events.

The MyRAC app provides the latest driving news and money-saving fuel watch so that you don’t have to pay more than the current price.

Simply download the app and connect to the internet and find all the useful RAC services at your fingertips.

Traveling with Multiple Destinations is Easy with RAC Route Planner

If you have more than one destination and are unfamiliar with the place, we recommend using a route planner. It will help you not only find the safest destination but avoid traffic delays, roadworks, and traffic issues. RAC Route Planner offers an effective routing tool plan for multi-stop trips.

With so many route planners online, why is RAC unique? It prioritizes safety over getting to your destination quickly. It alerts users to problematic weather conditions and accidents that can potentially impact your route. RAC’s mapping service can help you to find hotels, and calculate your fuel cost, which is important for long trips.

Limitations in Using RAC Route Planner

The RAC Route Planner can display the route that you are driving. It does not offer other useful information to make your trip more convenient and efficient, like parking. The only parking facilities it shows are at the airports. You cannot also use the planner for other modes of transportation like air, train, or bicycle.

Road Safety with RAC Route Planner

As one of the safety advocates while on the road, use the RAC Route planner wisely. Don’t get distracted by frequently looking at your mobile device while driving and make sure that it is visible and hands-free.

RAC Route Planner discourages adjusting the route while driving. If you need to, you need to park on the side of the road and make the necessary adjustments.

The route finder services offered by RAC are meant to help motorists like you. If you have any questions, visit the contact page on its website.

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